Dear Sir,

In response to Phil Wilson’s letter, your first point is, you don’t want to see another referendum, what you do want to see is a “peoples vote”, (I thought that was called a referendum?

Where is the irony in the government’s assessment that claims the North East will be hit hardest? There is no irony there, however there is an irony in the fact that the same organisations claimed if we voted for Brexit there would be economic disaster in days, and now you calling for another referendum (sorry, ‘people’s vote’) to prevent this.

You claim that Brexit is the most important issue facing the British people since the second world war. Surely joining a Common Market that has been twisted into a Federal States of Europe could be seen as an important issue.

This should have called for some sort of people’s vote, but I didn’t hear any of your colleagues shouting for that. Large scale immigration changing the face and culture of the UK may have occasioned a people’s vote, but no that didn’t either. I would have believed it would have been reasonable to confront the population with the truth, but not for the likes of you.

Your next point is that some argue it would be undemocratic to ask for a new vote, but how can wanting to give people a vote be thwarting their will and be against democracy?

Well how about you standing down and letting the people of Aycliffe have another vote? Let’s not call it an election, just a “people’s vote”.

Denis Underwood