Dear Sir,

I never thought that I would ever agree with much in a letter by Cllr. John D. Clare. However, his letter, ‘What Do I Believe About Brexit’ had a lot of good analysis and sense in it.

I even don’t mind that he calls me, “aggressively bilious”. One cannot be too aggressive in warning about the present real threat to our democracy, which Cllr. Clare also recognises.

However, I do object to being so labelled under the heading of “Vicious Ignorance”. This heading more aptly applies to Labour/Momentum Cllr. Beetham’s post Referendum illegal Facebook posting calling leave voters ‘morons’ that should ‘all be gassed’. This was for me, and most readers of the Newton News, the first ‘viciously ignorant’ comment on the Referendum result. Cllr. Clare has gone into print in this paper, and others, in defence of his fellow Labour/Momentum Councillor’s abhorrent posting.

Our democratic voting system is a first-past-the-post, winner-takes-all system. You compromise in your manifesto; not after you have won! Any deal negotiated with the E.U. is a compromise by Leavers. We voted to Leave. They don’t want to lose our vast contributions and beneficial free trade. They have to compromise! Leavers do not have to compromise with Remainers. It is Remainers who have to accept that they lost in a democratic vote and to help, not hinder, the country to leave the E.U. The job of the H.M. Opposition in Parliament is to oppose what the people have not voted for, and not to oppose what the people have voted for!

Is that too difficult for you to understand, Mr. Phil Wilson?

I agree with Cllr. Clare on how the ‘Yellow Hammer’ documents should be viewed. However, is it not ironic that the Green Party have allied with the Illiberal Undemocratic Party to ‘outlaw’ No-Deal when one of the perceived worst outcomes (if not mitigated) is fuel shortages and the possible close-down of a Refinery? These are the very policies that they would seek to impose on anyone daft enough to elect them!

Cllr. Clare questions whether Boris Johnson is, “A Man of the People”. He clearly is; the majority of normal working men and women supported the Brexit campaign which he espoused. Is Phil Wilson, “A Man of the People”? Definitely not! Phil Wilson’s opposition to Brexit has meant that Hitachi have lost two potentially lucrative contracts to European competitors. If we had left the E.U. the two competitors may well not have even been on the bidder’s list! Now Taxpayer’s money, due to be invested in northeast infrastructure, will be spent in Spain! How much better for the region if taxpayer’s investment is spent in the region. Better for jobs, better for the local economy, and better for the region’s supply chain. If Phil Wilson really wants to protect jobs in the region, and at Hitachi, he should back Brexit and make sure that investment in the region’s infrastructure does not pay the wages of Spanish workers in Spain!

Yours sincerely,

Alastair P.G. Welsh