Dear Sir, In reply to the article on a terrier being mauled by a German Shepherd Dog we received a report from a reader who lives near West Park who recalls a similar incident with his small Terrier last March. His dog got out of the garden and raced into the park, so he immediately went after it in his wheelchair. He was confronted by a man with two German Shepherd dogs who told him rather rudely to get his Terrier on a lead or he would set his dogs on him. He was on his way home with his small dog beside him when suddenly the  Terrier bolted because a large German Shepherd was chasing him obviously let off his lead deliberately! Fortunately the terrier was faster than the Alsation and got away safely and the owner of the large dogs called them both back.

The owner of the Terrier believes it too much of a coincidence not to be the same owner of two German Shepherd dogs who savaged the Jack Russell Terrier reported in last week’s Newton News. The owner of the Terrier wishes to remain anonymous fearing reprisals from the argumentative owner of the large dogs. He has lived in Aycliffe since 1967 and apart from this incident has been very happy here and thanks Newtonians for always looking to be helpful and the nicest people he has met. Name & address supplied