Emma Sandford, a Y11 student at Woodham Academy, was this week awarded the Inspirational Pupil award at the Northern Echo Awards at the Xcel Centre.
Quite simply an amazing individual who overcomes every obstacle to excel at everything she does.
Emma Sandford is a truly brilliant student and indeed a genuinely nice person. Not only has she excelled in all of her academic subjects but she has spent considerable amount of time developing her creative side as well and is now developing her social conscience by becoming a school governor and writing her own blog. Whilst the blog allows her to express herself it also provides positive support on what can too often be a negative media.
The work that she has put into all her GCSEs, never stinting in her effort to achieve the highest grades, always goes over and above what is required.  She will tell you that she is only good at Art and English. This is not true – whilst she excels at both – she also excels at everything else she does and the reason for this is simply hard work, resilience and pure tenacity. Her Art GCSE is incredible and clearly an area which she both enjoys and can use to express her personality. It’s not always been plain sailing and she has, in her own words, “fallen out of love with it” but with a little encouragement and a reminder about what’s important she quickly gets back on track. A testament to her resilience and determination. Music is another area where Emma can share her talents with those around her. She recently secured a great weekend job singing and dancing for children, dressed as the beautiful Elsa from Frozen, at birthday parties and events across the North East with her colleagues Anna and Kristoff.
Within school she and some of her peers put themselves also forward as the voice of the students and after a gruelling interview with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors she was appointed associate student governor at Woodham Academy.  Within this role she demonstrates a mature approach and is able to provide the balance between recognising the obligation of the school to all students and staff but never failing to voice the needs of the individual.
She is an inspiration to those around her, giving up her time in this important GCSE year to support younger students with their studies providing Year 10 students with extra help with their English in the run up to their exams.  She has produced numerous model answers to questions and is always willing share these to support others to succeed. Younger students throughout the school use her as a role model, aspiring to be like her both academically and personally.
Emma’s friends adore her. Some of the words they would use to describe her are thoughtful, optimistic, inspirational and strong. All things that she has consistently demonstrated over the years. Her humanity and strength make her an amazing individual who thoroughly deserves this recognition.

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