A subject that has arisen in several of the Aycliffe Village Residents Association meetings is problem parking. Those that live in Atkinson Gardens fear emergency vehicles will not be able to gain access, occasionally. Those on the Green, about the amount of commercial vehicles being parked overnight and often all weekend by folks that don’t even live there. We have even had incidents of cars been parked on the designated greens!

During the school run, cars parked selfishly, either side of the road, have turned Durham road into a slalom-course. How there hasn’t been a serious accident or, heaven forbid, a child knocked over, is anyone’s guess?

But by far the biggest concern are the inconsiderate drivers who seem to think parking on footpaths is fine. It certainly isn’t for residents who walk with difficulty, are in a wheelchair or riding a mobility scooter. Please, please keep footpaths clear by parking wholly on the road. This serves two safety purposes, keeping pedestrians on paths and slowing down moving vehicles.

A good example of the last point, is the reinstated thoroughfare from the High Street to the exit from The Wynd. After several years of ‘to and fro’ by GATC and DCC it has finally been paved. It serves as great access for exactly the sort of resident mentioned above but only if left clear. You’d have trouble, sometimes, using a walking frame and no chance at all in a chair or on a scooter.