Dear Sir,

In last week’s issue of the Newton News, “Tired of it all” asked me to, “put down my pen, cease the ranting and concentrate on the day job”. I’m retired, ranting is part of my day job! I sign my letters, and am unwilling to enter into a series of correspondence with someone who hides behind an alias when expressing his opinion (of my views).

However, I would like to point out that Archbishops and Bishops are un-elected members of the House of Lords and are appointed by the Queen as head of the Established Church. The Queen has kept herself aloof from Brexit and therefore, it is reasonable to assume that she would wish her appointees to do the same.

That having been said, I doubt if, “Tired of it all” was as pleased as I was to see that Clive Taylor-Sholl is standing as an Independent Candidate in the up-coming election of a Town Councillor for Woodham. Indeed, I was also pleased to see that Cllr. Arun Chandran was supporting Clive.

Like Cllr. Chandran, I have never believed that the ‘Party System’ has any proper place in Local Government and will always prefer independent candidates. All Town Councillors should have allegiance to their electorate first.

We have changed politics at a national level. If we support independent candidates at a Town and County level we can also change local politics for the better.

Yours Sincerely

Alastair P.G. Welsh