Dear Sir,
It is with great regret, and with a heavy heart that I inform all of you who work within the town centre shops, offices, banks, that I am having to resign my post of Town Centre Chaplain.
As you know for some time now I have had great difficulty walking, and as this role demands a lot of this, I feel I am unable to commit myself to your service.
These last five years have gone by quickly and seen a great many changes within our town centre. Now we are due to start the final phase of demolition and building, and hopefully will see a closure to this regeneration.
I wish to thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your working lives. It has been a great pleasure walking alongside you and hearing your stories. I would like to thank you so much for that. You are all wonderful people who give the folks of Newton Aycliffe a great service. I would also like to thank both Mr. Bryan Haldane our Town Centre Manager, and Phil Wilson  MP  who have their offices in our town, for their support and help, during the time I have served.
Thanks also to members of ‘Churches Together in Great Aycliffe’, who have supported and upheld me in prayer during my chaplaincy.
Please know that because I am no longer around to visit, that you are not out of my thoughts. I will always remember you all, and will continue to pray for you.
If anyone reading this thinks that they would like to consider this type of work within our town centre, please contact me. I can put you in touch with  the Tees Valley Ministry Team. My number is 01325 316841.
My you feel God’s blessing around you, as you continue serving the people of this town.
Pam Lovelass x


pam lovelass