A group of young Newtonians are working with “Investing in Children” to get their voices heard and help improve the One Point service in Newton Aycliffe. Their ages range from 10-20 years old in order to get views from different ages and different backgrounds.
They discuss what they want to change or what they would like One Point workers to do. They don’t just go off their own ideas on what they want, they also run Agenda Days in the community and surrounding areas for other young people to have their say and see if they can do anything to make changes.
Some examples of the things the group have changed include Promotions in schools in assemblies and on bulletin boards.
They asked to do scenario session where they develop a fake person and get workers in to show how they would deal with the situation and then look to see if there is anything the group think they should be doing or see if there is something that works or should be done better.
The group decided the waiting area wasn’t very good so they changed it by asking One Point to provide colouring books, magazines and toys. They were also asked to make sure it was always tidy and there was blank colouring pages at all times.
The young people feel they have been listened to and helped to make changes. They are hoping to continue improving the One Point service and the One Point hub. The hope is that their new ideas will make people’s lives easier when they use the One Point service making it a better experience.

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