Dear Sir

On the whole I agree with Michael Wild on Thinford Roundabout. In its present state it is flawed and dangerous most especially in respect of the three lanes exiting towards the 167 North.

They are not helped in any way by the remains of the ‘traffic management measures’ – mainly cones – which confuse entrance and exit lanes. Hopefully they will soon be removed; most probably only to reinforce the ranks of cones on the next roundabout north !

This work has been a prolonged nightmare of delays; even well beyond the extended schedules. In this age of austerity and transparency I think the full costs should be published together with the original estimated figure. My guess is that we can ill afford the difference.

It could well be that there is need for an assurance from Durham County Council that whoever was entrusted with this Thinford ‘improvement’ is never again employed by the County.

Council Tax bills in this area are already among the highest in the County without any avoidable and unwelcome hikes.

Doug Whittaker