Dear Sir,

I was deeply saddened and upset to see the state that some parts of our town are in during the many hours I have spent delivering leaflets and talking to residents.

One particular property in Arncliffe Place left me, and my colleagues, speechless. For this property to still be in such an horrendous state, after residents have repeatedly reported it, is simply unacceptable. I wouldn’t want my children to have to play outside next to this and we shouldn’t expect any child to be in that situation.

During lockdown it’s been so difficult for people and the one thing that they should have is to be able to look out the window and not feel physically sick at the view. We have elevated this issue with the County Council and we are reassured that they will now deal with it.

However, what really surprises me is that a sitting Labour councillor can actually see this property from their house. I give my word that I will not allow empty properties to be left for month after month after month in an horrendous condition, no matter where they are in our area. There is just no excuse. If you know of any other properties blighting our town please contact us.

When Labour Councillors can’t even fix this when they can see it out of their own window, the only option is to vote them out. I’m sure the view out of my, and your windows is better than that in this picture. Let’s make sure all our children can live in a clean and pleasant environment. Together we can turn around our town.

Please support my colleagues and I next week.

James Walsh

Liberal Democrat Candidate