Pupils at Horndale County Infant and Nursery School have been busy designing their own brand new sports kit. Pupils were given the opportunity to design the strip in order to show great pride and self-esteem of not only the school but the local ward of Horndale when attending local sporting events.
Councillor colleagues Mike Dixon, Joan Gray and John Clare have funded a brand new the sports kit for Horndale County Infant & Nursery School and the councillors were ‘delighted to form the judging panel along with Great Aycliffe and Middridge Partnership – GAMP coordinator Riley Brian and the schools Vice – Chair of Governors, Carol Hardy, to choose a shortlist of 5 finalists. John said ‘It was a hard task to choose just 5 entries to take forward to the vote. My criterion was PRIDE – that I wanted the school team to sport a strip which would make them proud, not just of their team and their school, but of the lovely Horndale Estate which they will be representing. Pride is the true foundation of high standards. I had my favourite, but I will stay very quiet and let the pupils choose what *they* want!
The final entries will now be put to a school vote as part of the British Value of Democracy.
Head Teacher Craig Brown said “I was amazed at the quality of entries from all of the young students. I am excited to see which strip the pupils vote for. The winning design will be professional reproduced and pupils for many years will be able to wear it with pride. We look forward to announcing our winner later this week who will not only get to see the kit produced and worn but the winner will also receive a free, full, named strip as their prize!”

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Councillors Mike Dixon, John Clare, Vice Chair of Governors  Carol Hardy & GAMP Co-ordinator Brian Riley.