Honest John’s Community Stall is 10 years old this week and in total he has raised a staggering £160,657.00 for town organisations and charities.

John has not taken a single penny for himself with the only expense of £160 per year going to Public Liability Insurance.

Even though he is allowed to take subsistance money and travelling expenses he has never incurred that cost, walking to work and spending hours a day helping this community.

Every donation made from the sale of unwanted household goods and bric-a-brac has been recorded and published regularly in Newton News. To prove his title as “Honest John” he has often made contact with donors who have left very valuable items to advise them they may have inadvertently left goods worth hundreds.

John’s good friend and fellow trustee, Val volunteers her help most afternoons also helping with secretarial duties, allowing John to concentrate on fundraising. “Val has been a Godsend for over four years and I can’t thank her enough” said John.

Not having transport has not hampered John in any way as the good folk of Aycliffe and district have always been ready to deliver their unwanted goods to John’s stall within the DISC premises next to the Blue Bridge.

DISC very kindly accommodate John free of charge and have been an enormous help. A charity themselves DISC do fantastic work in this area, helping young disadvantaged people obtain work through their training schemes.

“I have to thank Syd Howarth and his son Paul of Newton Press for their assistance in helping me find premises, setting up my website and publicising my work in the community at no charge.

“Finally may I thank the thousands of people who have made donations and bought goods enabling me to help others.” said John.