As many of you will know The Herbal Gin Company opened its doors just as the Coronavirus pandemic started to tighten its grip, not the best time to open a new business we were told. But with the help of the people of Newton Aycliffe and surrounding areas we have bucked the trend as our FREE delivery service went from strength to strength.

During this period, we also developed distilled and bottled three NEW flavours which have been received very well with lots of positive comments and feedback.

It soon became apparent to the distillery that the popularity of the fruit flavoured gins was pushing for additional options and so a social media conversation has generated requests for a new next batch of flavours.

The suggestions have ranged from lemon sherbet through forest fruits and passion fruit to more modern flavours such as chocolate brownie and a pancakes and maple syrup option.

Dr Scott, one of the co-directors of the distillery said “We want to investigate all these different flavours in order to reward our customers with their suggestions and to push for a recipe collection that they truly want to experience. It may be that we consider some limited edition runs depending upon seasonal preferences and we are also starting to look at the possibility of ‘ready to drink’ options in cans, so that people can enjoy a selection of our flavours with our G&T’s in multi-can pack.”

He went on to say, “Fruity options are expected for flavouring but whilst pancakes and maple syrup may seem a bit left-field, one of the main ingredients of maple syrup is fenugreek which we have in some of our recipes. There is a link in one of our blog posts that shows that a smell of fenugreek stopped New York in its tracks on three separate occasions and so if it can attract that sort of attention by mistake we would like to incorporate that attention into one of our gins !”

The next flavour due to be developed is a Smoked Orange that provides for a unique fruity flavour and is due for release in the next two to three weeks.