For many pensioners in Newton Aycliffe these really don’t feel like golden years. Many are suffering due to poverty and can suffer in silence, as they feel too ashamed to ask for help.
Trustee, Alwyn White says, “Lifeline Community Action is on the frontline and knows very well of people’s day to day struggles and its very humbling to help people through those times. Poverty is no respecter of persons, it can attack anyone regardless of age, race, gender and status.”
Jilly had the courage to make that important call to Helping Hands and got through to Linzi.  Jilly was born during the great depression so knows only too well what poverty is all about, but she never thought that she’d been in such financial difficulties.
Linzi Nicholls said ‘I remember when I went to see a frail elderly lady who seemed to have lost all hope.  She spoke very quietly as she looked down into her crumpled handkerchief.
She spoke of her pain, of how she’d got into debt when her husband passed away after over 50 years of marriage.  He was her rock and took care of the bills, without him she didn’t know how to pay them.  Jilly said ‘I just didn’t now how to budget.
My soulmate passed away and I wanted to give him the send off he deserved.  Unfortunately I overspent and before long my debt spiralled out of control and I was unable to face anyone. I felt sick with worry but  after about 6 months of agonising I phoned Helping Hands number I saw in the Newton News and since that day things have begun to look brighter, but I wish I’d made that call sooner!’
Linzi  said ‘If you are struggling financially please don’t hesitate to ring me! Phone 07936 431262 or e-mail