Dear Sir,
I am a little confused, by our Town Council who cancelled fireworks on the grounds of high numbers attending and Health & Safety (even though attendance numbers cannot be confirmed) then fails to close its golf course which is reported unsafe from flying balls and could result in a fatality.
The same council already has a nature pond and a nature trail, miles long, but turns West Park Lakes, an amenity popular with the public, into another tree hugger’s pond without announcing the change of use to the public!
The excuse is that attendants cost too much to use the lakes for recreational pursuits, yet we have people on unemployment benefit who could use work experience at the park to help them get a job.
We also have people studying at college or 6th form who would be pleased to earn minimum wage for the six weeks summer holiday. Funding is available from a number of sources to help keep people healthy mentally and physically by participating in physical activity and outdoor events.
It would appear that our town council has already run out of ideas and is being controlled by a restrictive health and safety culture reminiscent of the worst extremes of the Blair/Brown years.
Incidentally when leaving the council offices, I stumbled on the path outside whilst accessing the visitors car park where there is no lighting.
As a supporter of the Health and Safety Act 1974 I am of the opinion that it is impossible to regulate out all risk and people must take responsibility for common sense acts.
I left a little disappointed in the lack of vision shown by those representatives who act like sheep and follow blindly what they are told.
Ken Robson