Dear Sir,
I was disappointed with MP Phil Wilson’s letter about healing the political falling-out post Brexit. Politicians are elected to represent their electorate and clearly, the North East Brexit win makes it his duty to get involved in proper Brexit discussions for the benefit of the country as a whole, and particularly, his North East constituents.
This, instead of fighting a rear-guard action against his electorate.  If he now faces the threat of deselection by the looney left, Marxist ‘Momentum/Corbyn faction’, then he will need the support of the local Labour voters who overwhelmingly voted for democracy and Brexit.
What is particularly disappointing is that he accuses his electorate of being incapable of listening to, or understanding, in-depth debate sparked by political posters or statements.  Our media gave both sides in the debate the opportunity to fully question the messages summarised in posters and statements.  The majority of ‘Labour Voters’ in the North East decided that the Brexit arguments were not lies.
That majority did not accept the Remain argument that, “we have to be in the EU to reform it”. This was the Remain lie Corbyn’s Labour Party supported.  Post-Brexit utterances from the EU demonstrate that, because of our democratic vote to leave, they are going to have to become LESS DEMOCRATIC in order for their flawed and undemocratic edifice to survive our departure.   History demonstrates that Britain cannot stop the ‘direction of travel’ in the EU towards greater undemocratic political union.  The EU introduced the Euro and ‘open borders’ despite our strong opposition.  It was a case of ‘take it or leave it’. Thank God we have now decided democratically to LEAVE it!
The problem for our MP is in his heart of hearts, he knows that his Labour Party and the Trade Unions were on the wrong side of the debate and his electorate has told him so.
The decision to hold the Referendum was passed by Parliament so must therefore abide by the democratic result.  That is, Britain has to leave the EU including the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy.  Leaving the latter will enable us to regain control of 80% of the best fishing grounds currently open to be fished by anyone to whom the EU grants a quota.
This will mean that we can devise controls that will allow our fishing industry to be re-established [a whole new Industry!] and put an end to the environmental and moral waste that sees 1.7m tonnes of OUR fish (23% of all EU caught fish) discarded every year.
If you, like our MP Phil Wilson, are inclined to label this as another Leave ‘lie’ then I would refer you (and him) to two booklets written by Ray Finch MEP both of which include the official sources of all facts relied upon:
• “Stolen Seas” (How the UK suffers under the Common Fisheries Policy)
• “The Evil Empire” (How the Common Fisheries Policy is Recolonising the Third World).
Should any readers express an interest in obtaining these booklets I’m willing to try and obtain additional copies.
Alastair P.G. Welsh
Aycliffe Village