Town Council to work with Police

An important item for discussion at the final meeting of Great Aycliffe Town Council before Christmas was ‘Hate Crime’.   Members received a presentation from local police on the subject from a local and national perspective. This presentation coincidentally echoed an agenda item concerning a request from the County Durham Association of Local Councils that all town and parish councils in County Durham adopt a motion it had recently agreed concerning the acceptance of diversity.  Considering this request, Members felt that it was important for the Council to make a clear commitment and public declaration to endorse the motion and proposed the following statement: ‘We are proud to live in a diverse and tolerant society.  Racism, gender prejudice, xenophobia, religious intolerance and hate crimes have no place in our county.  Great Aycliffe Town Council condemns all such intolerance and hate crimes unequivocally.  We will not allow hate to become acceptable and will work with the Police and Crime Commissioners and others to fight prejudice and hate crimes.  We reassure all people living in the area that they are valued members of our communities.’ The motion was unanimously accepted by all Members present at the meeting.