Dear Sir,

With regard to Livin’s response I never said the area was known locally as Western, West Ward – yes Western – no!

1. Livin has failed to answer any of my questions. They stated in their bid to the Government on 16.1.2017 that : “In 2014 Livin, private sector partners and DCC considered the whole scale demolition and rebuild across the estate……”

Yet again, I ask Livin, who were the private sector partners in 2014 that they referred to in their bid to the government in January 2017? Or did Livin mislead the government and misrepresent their bid ?

2. Livin in that bid stated: “DCC are supportive of our approach and acceleration of regeneration plans”. Who at Durham County Council in 2014 agreed that or did Livin mislead the government on that as well?

Livin are the ones who have caused the upset ,and appear to have misled and misrepresented facts. GARA by exposing Livin’s “preferred option 3″as having been planned secretly, since 2014, and by taking the lead in opposing Option 3, has given residents the realisation that Livin can be stopped from appropriating and bulldozing their homes. Likewise we will, with the Secretary of State’s support prevent Compulsory Purchase. Our Petition is gathering pace as more and more Tenants, Owners and Private Landlords have now had meetings with Livin on a one to one basis, and are totally unhappy with Livin’s answers and insistence on signing the petition. The £6,100 offered to every tenant did not work!

Livin, we will stop your Option 3. We do not expect Livin to provide this information but it will be brought to the attention of Secretary of State and the HCA – there are other ways of getting it!

As for Livin’s Garburn Place comment I suspect the real reason they did not include it was because the home owners there outnumber tenants. Private Sector Finance usually implies profit, a return on their investment, that is Option 3. Option 1 and 2 will cost Livin money and require them to do what they should be doing all along, as a Social Housing, supposedly registered charity not-for – profit Landlord, maintaining and improving their properties and land, dealing with anti social behaviour by their tenants, and so forth.

Which Estate is next for social cleansing and gentrification, Agnew 1, 2, and 3, Elmfield, Rowan? Livin & Private Investors with no Councillors no Tenants on their Board, to whom are they accountable? What do our Labour County Councillors and MP have to say? Do they agree with reducing Social Housing. Social Cleansing, gentrification?

Cllr Arun Chandran Secretary of Great

Aycliffe Residents Assoc.