Currently, if you are in a couple you can claim Guarantee Pension Credit as soon as the oldest member of the couple reaches the state pension age for a woman. The government has named these couples “mixed aged couples”. If you are eligible for Guarantee Pension Credit it is important to claim this even if it is only a small amount each week as you may also be entitled to other help.
The current rules about claiming Guarantee Pension Credit are due to change with effect from 15th May 2019. From this date mixed aged couples will both need to be over state pension age in order to qualify for Guarantee Pension Credit. If both members of the couple are not over state pension age, then the youngest member of the couple will need to make a joint claim to Universal Credit. Universal credit rates are much lower than Guarantee Pension Credit rates.
People who are eligible to claim Guarantee Pension Credit before 15th May will be able to do a late claim for up to 3 months after this date to avoid the need to claim Universal Credit. You will also be able to do late claims for Housing Benefit if you are on Pension Credit before 15th May 2019 and vice versa.
If you are a member of a mixed aged couple and think you may be entitled to Guarantee Pension Credit, then please call into your local Citizens Advice office for benefits advice.