Two teachers from Greenfield College took global learning to a new level at the end of the Summer term as they and their family left the peace of Weardale and their positions at Greenfield for the bustle of Shanghai and an international school established by Dulwich College.
Gareth and Karen Ann Matthews-John were part of the team at Greenfield for many years – Karen Ann led the Art department for 23 years before reducing to part time after her second child to pursue her other interests as an artist and author. Gareth was head of Geography for 8 years, establishing regular field trips for students and becoming known in the department as “The Guru.”
The family are now experiencing a very different life in China! Whilst they will be missed by all at Greenfield, we are looking forward to seeing more of their lifestyle and hope to develop further links to them and their new students in China via social media and Skype.