The consultation meetings are now complete on the proposed merge between Greenfield College and Sunnydale at Shildon. The Head Teacher at Greenfield, David Priestley, takes over as Executive Headteacher of both Greenfield Community College and Sunnydale Community College on September 1st and if the proposal is passed the schools will merge from 1st January 2015.
Both schools will continue to operate on separate sites for students aged 11 – 16 years and parents / carers will be able to opt for which site they prefer.  As a merged school the staff will stay working on the site they are currently based, but will be able to support each other to keep at the forefront of developments.
New courses will be offered to those who want them across both schools. The local authority will invest in both buildings for the future. Greenfield will have some major rewiring work carried out over the summer holidays.
Parents and members of the community attending the consultation meetings were reassured that the proposal will enable two schools to have a secure future and so be able to continue to serve their communities.
The Local Authority will consider all contributions to the consultation before deciding to serve a formal notice. A decision should be made by November 2014.


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David Priestley