On Tuesday 24th November, over 75 pupils from Blue House were involved in a Skype call to Mr Watling, a PE Specialist working at newly built, Ranches Primary School in Dubai.
The pupils during their ‘Time 4 Success’ programme have been working on an enquiry based learning project focused around the question ‘What’s the point in working?’ and have been specifically looking at a sub-theme of ‘What the world has to offer?’ over the last couple of weeks.
Students have been exploring the different opportunities that are available in the wider-world and researching qualifications and requirements needed in order to fulfil these roles.
Mr Watling, having just assumed this position a few months ago, moved to the Asia continent from the UK in the summer. He provided the pupils with some background information about himself in preparation for the Skype call.
The students prepared some questions and engaged in conversation with him on topics such as his employment, opportunities, lifestyle and culture in Dubai. The Blue House pupils engrossed in conversing with Mr Watling and were really enthused by speaking to someone who was nearly 5,000 miles away.
Mr Butterworth, Blue House Leader added ‘It’s not every day the pupils have social interaction with someone who is half-way around the world. It proved a fantastic experience for pupils to reflect on the opportunities that are available in the 21st century away from Newton Aycliffe. I wanted the pupils to feel inspired and motivated by this Skype call and to know that with commitment, determination and hard work they too can realise fantastic experiences around the world’.
The Skype call was just the first in a series of Skype calls planned across the different houses at Greenfield Community College. Orange House made a skype call to Australia last week with Green House planning to Skype call to the United Arab Emirates in the coming weeks.

Skype 1 Greenfield