Greenfield Community College have launched a brand new Facebook page to reach their community and provide valuable communications.

The page, launched recently, has already attracted 14,000 hits as followers have enjoyed the infamous Year 11 leavers video. The video is an eagerly anticipated annual event that has laughter ringing out throughout the school. It is wonderful that this has been able to be shared online by so many followers bringing back many memories and experiences.

Facebook will be a valuable way to reach the community and share information about Greenfield Community College, adding to other platforms and publications such as the school website, twitter, the school gateway app and The Achiever newsletter publications.

The class of 2020 will remember their leavers experience in many ways and will have further chances to share their experiences in the future. The video is a snapshot of the very important journey students have made so far and we wish them every luck for their future. If you would like to view the leavers video and the Facebook page in general please visit