Greenfield Arts are delighted to have secured funding to engage in a creative project that explores personal development and how we engage with our environment. The project is supported by County Durham Community Foundation and Durham County Council and it is inspired by Finders, Seekers, a recent exhibition at Greenfield Arts by artist Bethan Maddocks.

The project, drawing upon Bethan’s work, will initially explore eco systems and environment as a metaphor for how we interact with each other and our environment, working alongside young people from Greenfield Community College.

Artist Paul Theo Murray will be working alongside Year 10 design students to explore ideas and create resources that will cascade to a whole school project. It is an exciting but mindful approach that will explore a response to the current climate and the impact of Covid19.

The students will benefit from working alongside a professional artist, exploring techniques and developing confidence to share ideas and have the opportunity to produce a creative stimulus that can be shared across the whole school and the wider community.

Katy Milne, Creative Director at Greenfield Arts, is looking forward to the collaboration curiosity and thanks to funders????

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