Dear Editor,
I have been taken aback by the amount of negative campaigning that has spilled over onto the pages of the Newton News over that last few weeks. It is apparent, with not much to differentiate them on policies, the main parties are reduced to personal attacks and exploitation of the fear voters are currently experiencing under the current political and economic system.
The current system has clearly failed for all but an elite few and none of the main parties are willing to challenge or change it. It seems to me that whichever of the main parties is voted in, they will continue to prop up the failed neoliberal ideology and the reliance on the free market greed based economy that we have endured under Thatcher/Blair/Cameron, which has led to great suffering of the majority of the people it was supposed to serve. Surely it is time now to change the system itself, and not just who runs it?
With the emphasis on economic and environmental sustainability and a more balanced and equal society, it seems the only party that is offering a real alternative  and will change the actual system so it works for all of us,  is The Green Party.
The Green Party is committed to investing in renewable energy and building more social housing which will create more jobs, they will raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour, properly protect the NHS, and make the big corporations pay their taxes, re-nationalize the railways, say no to fracking and they are the ONLY party who will end austerity. All this, and they will reduce the deficit at a sustainable rate without the current levels of suffering. Their policies are available on-line and are comprehensively costed and approved by leading economic experts.
The Green Party won’t promise you the moon on a stick, it won’t even promise you a British moon on a British stick, but it will promise you the Earth, for you, your children and future generations. There is a real alternative, be the change you want to see in the world, vote Green for the common good.
Kathy Beetham (Aycliffe Green Party Supporter, find us on FB and twitter @AycliffeGP)