It was great to welcome another new member to the partnership. Julia from Healthwatch explained a little about Healthwatch’s remit was within the community of County Durham. Syd Howarth said having Healthwatch as partners would be beneficial. Over the past 3 months 5 new partners had joined GACAP.
This now brings active partners in GACAP to around 20.  The round table update from partners present brought a real buzz to the room. There was evidence of partnership work across the room I could not separate one from another as the evidence was before our eyes and in our ears.
GACAP’s biggest project is to build an extension to the Agnew Community Centre to house all the welfarer activities of the partners including another foodbank and distribution point of aid to disadvantaged families. All that is required is the funds to build the new premises and bids are being prepared to the Big Lottery and the County Council for 106 Agreement money from the housing development in the Agnew area.
The meeting room did not empty as most meetings do, but exchange of ideas, swapping of business cards carried on for some time. The true evidence of partnership working was before our very eyes.
If you have not attended a meeting lately our next meeting will be at the Agnew Community Centre, Morrison Close DL5 4QZ – 4pm the first Monday in September. Full details of the August meeting will be circulated within the next 10 days.
Joan Clark, Secretary

GACAP Officers

steve mitton
Co-Chairman Steve Mitton

susan sadler
Co-Chairman Susan Saddler

liane Taylor
Treasurer Liane Taylor

joan clark
Secretary Joan Clark