The Aviator Gin Bar is delighted that lockdown restrictions are now slowly being relaxed to allow for the opening of the bar. After more than three months of lockdown, the prospect of opening is exciting to everyone although emotions have to be kept in check to a degree as the opening has to take place within the government guidelines in order to be safe and adhere to legal requirements.

That guidance has just been issued on the day of writing and is being rapidly digested by all landlords. Our initial ‘blue sky’ plans of a party event for 250 people at any one time cannot be managed safely. As a result, we are now looking to run a low-key event over the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend in order to allow us not only to open comfortably but also in a manner that allows patrons to enjoy a safe party ambience.

Our guests for the ticket only event will be some of those people who have generously supported us through these tough times. Sadly we cannot invite every one of The Herbal Gin Company customers as we need to take very seriously the advice and guidance from our local licensing authority figures, in order to run a safe event. Although much of the detail of what can and cannot be done is yet to become apparent, we still plan to have an event that will be a time to remember and in doing so will support the Great Aycliffe Cancer Support Group.

This wonderful registered charity has been hit tremendously hard due to the financial impact of lockdown and the Aviator Gin Bar is keen to provide a means to help it get back on its feet. The bar will not only support this charity but has identified similar organisations that need assistance. Running events will be a feature of our existence, in order to give something back to the community that has helped to see us up and running.

Details for the event will be published on social media as soon as clarity appears from the recently issued guidelines.