Dear Sir,
I was upset to read that due to financial troubles Woodham Golf Club was closed. The problem has always been that all the owners have not been interested in running a golf club and clubhouse. All they were interested in was trying to develop the land for housing, neglecting the golf course business.
Many of the older members will be devastated by the closure, some of them playing golf there seven days a week, and not just the golf but the whole social event of meeting friends.
If someone who was interested in running a Golf Club and could finance the purchase without any large loans, this club could be profitable.
The clubhouse business could be developed for weddings and private functions as well as the bar and restaurant facility with social membership available as well as golf membership.
I really do hope that a saviour can be found to purchase this tremendous facility who will concentrate on running a golf club.
I am sure there would be 100 percent help from the members, many of whom would give their time and expertise to help any future owner.
Bill Amos