Six students travelled down to Bradford to take part in the first GKR tournament of the year, It was a day enjoyed by all and was followed by a lot of success from GKR students from Newton Aycliffe, out of the 16 medals that came back to region, 14 came from Newton Aycliffe Dojo everyone put a lot of effort into their Kata and Kumite and all of their time and effort in training for this tournament paid off. Everyone was focused on the job at hand and I was really proud said Sensei Dez Tinkler.

Annalise Tinkler came away with 2 gold and 1 bronze she got a gold in Kata and Kumite and Bronze in team Kata.

Nathan Lovejoy came away with 1 gold a silver and a bronze he got the gold Kata, silver in Kumite and bronze in team Kumite.

Dez Tinkler came away with 3 Bronze for his Kata Kumite and team Kumite.

Asa Fletcher was awarded 2 Bronze for his Kata and Kumite.

Denise Askew came away with a gold and a silver she got the silver for her Kata and the gold for Kumite.

Daniel Askew came away with a bronze for his Kumite.

We train regularly on a Thursday night at 6:30 till 8 and on a Saturday morning from 10:30am till 12 at Greenfield School. Everyone is welcome to come along and train with us.

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