With the change of seasons, comes a change in what we eat. Gone are the classic summer strawberries and the light salads that go down so well on balmy evenings and in come the warming hot-pots and bowls of soup. In addition, our flavour preferences change and gingerbread flavours start to become one of those tastes that are readily sought as the nights draw in.
Gingerbread tends to conjure images of edible smiley gingerbread men biscuits, to spiced bread and the classic gingerbread houses that we associate with fairy tales and warm cups of hot chocolate by the fire. Nowadays, gingerbread is mainly understood to be associated as a sweet flavoured delicacy but this was not always the case.
Ginger originated from Asia, often documented as being used for medical purposes in Ancient China, where close botanical neighbours such as galangal were also cultivated. Interestingly, both ginger and galangal are present within some of our gin recipes, similar yet obviously different when compared side to side. Travel via the Silk Road allowed ginger to spread westwards and, as with many strong flavours, was used as a means to prolong the life of some foodstuffs by disguising the taste (especially for meat).
Modern day society still sees ginger being used in medicinal ways. After all, who hasn’t seen or heard of ginger biscuits being taken to reduce problems like travel sickness, nausea in both children and pregnant ladies or to ‘settle’ a stomach. Whilst there are many excellent modern medicines for these problems, the persistent use over the years for these situations may suggest some sort of benefit.
Recipes for gingerbread mainly include warm spices, in addition to ginger, such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, star anise and sweeter flavours like molasses or honey. Knowing these also help to make a mulled wine, we decided that The Herbal Gin Company would do well to make a GINgerbread GIN.
Using our oriental based, spiced gin, as the foundation, we added the sweet and warm dimension of gingerbread to make a gin that we are incredibly proud to bring to market. The flavour is deep, warm and truly classic gingerbread.
The fun really begins when we team it up with a mixer. In addition to the classic variety of tonic mixers, this is where the festive fun begins. Our GINgerbread gin mixes with lemonades, both classic and cloudy, but it also springs to life with the addition of ginger ale or ginger beer.
Then there are the cocktails to consider. Top of the list has to be a Spiced Gingerbread Espresso Martini, closely followed by a Gingerbread Bramble. The cocktail world is only improved by the addition of gingerbread!
Head to our website at www.theherbalgin.com to see our wares, including our GINgerbread gin. For a little bit of experimenting, why not also pop down to the Aviator Gin Bar (Unit 18, Northfield Way, DL5 6EJ) to try some of the lovely ways it can be enjoyed!