I wish to thank and applaud the  people who decided that off road parking in Gilpin Road was a much needed facility due to congestion and the several sharp corners which makes traffic flow difficult at times.  There are several street corners that come off Gilpin Road. It is hard sometime for large vans, lorries, bin collection wagons to facilitate any drop off or pick up without some difficulty. I have seen cars driving  much too fast for this road and due to the private houses which are under construction at Clarence Green, and more to be built by social housing Living, it is obvious to me that there will be an increase of traffic using this road when parents take children to school or visiting local shops. Heavy vehicles also use this road as a short cut to the new housing estate. As an owner resident of some 44 years living in Gilpin Road I wish to refute the claim that we do not have a bus route. I remember there being one when we first moved here which ran up to 10pm and then was changed to just about 4pm.  This service was then taken over by JS a Bishop Auckland bus company, for many years. Two years ago a new company took over. They provide this service which is most appreciated by all who use this bus. It is not ARRIVA . . . but it is still a town bus route. Ann Dunn