In response to the news that cervical screening rates across the UK are at a 20 year low, nurses in the Newton Aycliffe and Shildon practices are trying to encourage local ladies to access this very important screening appointment.
The cervical smear is a painless procedure that takes around five minutes to perform by one of the skilled and experienced practice nurses. Target levels in ladies living in Newton Aycliffe and Shildon are increasing but there are still 100s of ladies between 25 and 64 who are overdue their test.
These ladies range from first timers who are unsure of what to expect all the way through to older ladies who are worried that the test will be painful, or who have had a negative experience in the past. Also ladies who don’t know that they need one.
We would love these ladies to come and even just have a chat with one of our nurses about their fears or anxieties, there are many things we can do to make this as easy as possible for them.
We also understand that some ladies will have difficulty attending appointments for many reasons and again would extend the invitation to them to contact us so we can try to work this out.
We would like to encourage you to engage in JO’s Trust Cervical Cancer Prevention Week and contact your GP Practice to make an appointment for this important test.