Dear Sir,
I can probably speak for a fair few people here when it comes to the last few weeks worth of letters, just get on with it then.
What do you expect Labour to do? Stay quiet and not ask questions? Not do the job they were elected to do? If you want them to be opposition, then that’s what they’re going to do, hold you to account.
Let me speak directly to the new coalition, you passed all 3 of those committees, the minutes are there for all to see, you have the votes and the numbers to do as you please for as long as the coalition holds up. For anyone interested, the minutes are on the council’s website – we don’t need to guess or take anyone’s word for what happens, it’s all recorded.
As for the kicking off and ill feeling, attend the meetings and go see what your councillors are doing, is my advice. Really go in and be present to see how it happens in the chamber, see who takes part, who just votes with their group, who has some input and who just sit on their phones and don’t take part.
If stopping the use of a door is the big business for 2021, well I guess things can only get better because it couldn’t be any worse. What a complete lack of priorities. I don’t remember a single campaign leaflet discussing who can and can’t use a door and I should know; I’ve kept each and every one of them, even the ones that didn’t come through my door.
We were promised freezes and reductions in council tax without cutting services and in many cases making those services and events bigger and better. If the ruling group are struggling to find answers or ideas to where to cut, can I suggest they speak to one of their own because it was all outlined here, posted 04/01/2020, on the Libdems website:
You’re in charge now, get on with it.
Kind regards,
Simon Hocking