Two local gardeners have kindly offered their time and expertise to help the children of Stephenson Way learn about horticulture and crops.
Ronnie Smith has given his time to come into school to share his expertise and help the lower school teachers with their gardening club. He brought in a selection of plants and vegetables to show the children how to make them grow. He also answered questions the children had about maintaining the plants and keeping them healthy.
Mr Gibson, whose grandson attends the school, generously offered the school the use of an allotment, where he will help children plant and maintain a variety of vegetable crops. Small groups of children will make visits to the allotment at Finchale Road and maintain the plot with help from Mr Gibson.
Classes have visited the allotment over the past several weeks to speak with Mr Gibson and learn about the types of crops they will be growing.
The school has cultivated a green outlook in the past year with the creation of gardening clubs to maintain green areas on both upper and lower site. Recently, more children have become involved with a school wide tomato plant growing competition.