(1) URGENT CARE UPDATE DDES has produced a leaflet giving advice/help on Urgent Care – copies are available at GP Practices. The back page gives clear advice about the kinds of situations where people should call 999, but the rest of the leaflet gives options for less urgent situations. The 111 operators can also signpost you to a range of NHS services. There is also an NHS Child Health app you can download to your phone – see: http://www.necsu.nhs. uk/…/09/NHS-LAYCHONLINE.compressed-1 GAMP Board Meeting Report

(2) CRIME PRESENTATION Insp. Sarah Honeyman delivered a presentation about how people such as plumbers are being trained to look out for signs of Child Sexual Exploitation, Human Trafficking and Stolen Goods when they visit a house. I shared how DCC are delivering a similar (MECC) scheme which encourages home-visitors to look out for health problems (livin has trained 50+ of their workers). The need for information sharing was emphasised.

(3) NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING Anti-social behaviour is down significantly on last year. Isnp. Honeyman reported how police have addressed the PACT Priorities – off-road bikes, speeding, parking outside schools, and hate crime. Work on the recent spate of burglaries – the 2-in-1 burglaries (house and car) and the ‘liquid burglaries’ (where the criminals poured bleach all over) – has shown that they are linked, and a regional issue. It is particularly pleasing how the community has united to watch out for and report people behaving suspiciously. PACT meeting dates: Horndale (6pm, 1st Feb), West (6pm, 2nd Feb), Woodham (10:30am, 21st Feb), Neville (6:30pm, 21st Feb), Aycliffe Village (11am, 25th Feb).

(4) PRIORITY VOTING RESULTS The vote had placed ‘Young People’, ‘Employment’, and ‘Older People’ as the three PACT priorities – as in fact has been the case all over the County! GAMP attracted more votes (768) than any other AAP. The £100,000 GAMP budget will be split equally between the three priorities, with the option to vire if necessary. At least a quarter of the budget must be sent on capital projects. There will be a ‘callout’ process seeking applications (£5,000-£20,000) within the three priority areas; some time was spent finalising the details of this process.

(5) DEFIBRILLATOR PROJECT The Board voted to approve David Sutton-Lloyd’s Defibrillator Project. The £20,000 total funding (including public donations of £6,000 and £2600 from the County Councillors) will be used towards the purchase of 6 Defibrillator Units to be sited at Woodham Community Centre, Pioneering Care Centre, Greenfield Community College and the Bay Horse Middridge. In addition, a Portable Unit will be located at Greenfield Convenience Store and available during shop opening hours, and a sixth will be held at Woodham Community Centre as a back-up unit. A dedicated training unit will also be purchased to be used as part of the proposed cardiac arrest awareness and training programme.

(6) SIMPASTURE PEDESTRIAN SAFETY The Board also approved a £1,000 proposal by Cllrs. Kate Hopper and Eddy Adam to locate a number of bollards at Simpasture shops to stop cars parking on the pavement.

(7) OTHER MATTERS Due to completion of term of office and a resignation, there is a need for FOUR new ‘public reps’. Next year’s Chairman will be selected from the AAP’s Partners, and a nominee was requested. The Budget is now fully spent. Date of next meeting, Tuesday 14th March, 6-8pm, at Woodham Academy.

By John Clare