Dear Sir,
As you are probably all aware by now last Tuesday 27th May was the last market to be held in the Town Centre. All of the traders, past and present, would like to thank everyone for their loyal support over the last 30 plus years. Unfortunately this marks the end of an era that has provided many happy times for the traders and public alike.
Due to the timescale involved, only one months notice, from Freshwater to both the council and the market traders it has not been possible to secure a new site for the market at this moment in time. If both parties had been given longer I am sure a new site could have been secured and be ready for use for this coming week.
It is therefore with deep regret that the traders will be moving on to pastures new, with quite a few of us moving to Chilton high street on a Tuesday from the 3rd June. We realise this is not convenient, but we hope that some of our regular customers will come and see us. The market at Chilton will consist of the Sweet/Egg stall, the baby clothes stall, the hardware stall and the watch repair stall (all current stalls from Newton Aycliffe) and we will be joined by a Fruit and Veg stall, a flossy stall, a meat wagon and hopefully an electric goods stall.
We would like to send our best wishes and thanks to all of our customers for the years of custom. We are not only losing our market but also a lot of friends we have made over the years in the town.
Neil Herring
Newton Aycliffe Market Traders Co-operative