Dear Sir,

Yet another letter from serial moaner Alan Jordan about guess what? Yes, you are correct, Boris Johnson and our Tory government. (Newton News, 16th Oct) Mr Jordan is well known in The Newton News and other mainstream local newspapers for his incessant moaning rants about Boris. If all were factual the United Kingdom would already have sunk without trace due to our governments incompetence of everything that has occurred from sunrise to sunset each and every day since winning the election.

He says that he has left that failed political party, the Liberal Democrats, and joined the Labour Party. A party that has, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, supported by his new hero Kier Starmer, failed to win the last 2 General Elections. Kier Starmer, who supported a second referendum on Brexit, ignoring the strong Northern Labour voters wish to leave the highly politicised EU. Who helped Labour, once the party of the working classes, to become the party of the “Metropolitan Elite”, ignoring its Labour heartlands, discarding them as an uneducated irritant but who could, mistakenly, be relied upon to provide the necessary votes to turn the election into victory for the Labour Party.

I am not a supporter of any particular party but over the years have turned to the Tories because, unlike many younger voters under 60 years of age, I have experienced the Socialist governments this country suffered from in the 1960s and 70s and listened to the many calls from Labour to return back to the Socialist policies that were a disaster for the UK.

Boris does not appear to be a good Prime Minister, his handling of Covid is questionable at times, but serial moaner Mr Jordan conveniently refuses to acknowledge the efforts Boris has put into tackling Covid along with the highly successful Furlough Scheme. In fact, due to his efforts, the lives of around 99.5% of our population have been saved from Covid.

Mr Jordan states that Kier Starmer is a strong leader, I have seen no signs of that, what I have seen is Mr Jordan’s incessant moaning, like a broken record he goes on and on but fails to provide confirmed empirical evidence or suggest strong alternative ideas or policies that could prove to be more effective than this “incompetent Tory government”. Now, having jumped ship from one failed political party, he joins another (sadly) failed party. In doing so Mr Jordan has no political credibility.

Mr Jordan reminds me of that famous Monty Python sketch, “The Dead Parrot”. Mr Jordan and his incessant moaning has in fact become that “Dead Parrot”.

John Walker