Expert trainer Simon Williamson of High Force Training at Aycliffe has published a new guide to introduce managers and leaders to the concept of emotional intelligence available online free.
Simon explains… “The concept of emotional intelligence and its importance to both personal and team development is widely misunderstood. Many leaders and managers assume that their technical skills will be enough to develop successful, motivated teams. However, the very best leaders combine a high intelligence quotient with a high emotional quotient, so a proper understanding of emotional intelligence is essential for any leader or manager, whatever the nature of their organisation.
“That’s why I wrote my new guide, “15 easy-to-learn, practical and dynamic secrets to increase your success”. This unique guide introduces the fifteen key elements of emotional intelligence and explains in depth how they can be applied within the workplace to ensure all members of staff are achieving their full potential.
“I’ve decided to make it available for free so as many people as possible can benefit from the information inside.
“Anyone who’d like a copy just has to visit”