Dear Sir,

I am over the moon to discover I am not breaking the law feeding the birds and wildlife around us.

I wouldn’t dream of putting food in a bin when there are hungry animals around. In my opinion every living thing deserves food and water.

It is man’s fault we have “lost” pigeons as they take the poor birds hundreds of miles away then let them free to find their way home. Many get lost or injured so why should we not feed them?

Pigeons were classed as heroes in the war, relaying important messages and saving lives.

All this rubbish about then giving disease – I’m 60 years old and worked in a hospital and I never saw one person who took ill from bird poo! The biggest threat to humans is other humans.

I love going to big cities where they actually sell bags of seed for people to feed the birds – unlike the children I see in our town centre who think it great fun to chase and kick the birds scrambling to find a crumb to eat which is heartbreaking.

Will all animal lovers join me and celebrate that we are not law breakers! Enjoy the spring and as the song says: “Feed the Birds”.

Irene Hewitson