“The Hubsters” singing group at The Hub of Wishes in Newton Aycliffe, began the new year with a feel good factor as they resumed their group singing in January. The group singing which started in 2017, has proved very popular and is well attended by a group who have named themselves The Hubsters; though they avoid the using the word choir which is deemed off-putting.

There is no pressure and anyone is welcome to join them even if they think they have no singing ability. It is a fun session and proven to improve wellbeing.

When asked how they felt about the group singing some of The Hubsters’ comments were: “Enjoyment, makes me feel upbeat, happy and able to express myself, I really enjoy it, it brightens my week,

I look forward to it, a great way to start the week, it has the feel good factor, a feeling of belonging, there’s no pressure so singing is fun.”

Last year group singing hit the headlines when a University of East Anglia’s study revealed that community singing improved mental health and helps recovery. At The Hub of Wishes we can confirm this.

The Sing Your Heart Out initiative began in 2005 at a Norwich psychiatric hospital before branching out into the community. Professor Tom Shakespeare, Lead Researcher, said it was “a low-commitment, low cost tool for mental health recovery” and gave participants a feeling of belonging and well-being. He said the breathing involved in singing had been shown to be good for the body. “Anyone can make a noise. No-one is ever rejected in these groups”.

Group singing is held at The Hub of Wishes on Monday mornings at 10.30am – everyone is welcome. Other popular activities which will continue this year are group exercise sessions – last year we had dance-based exercise and boxing-based exercise.

When the weather improves we will resume the health walks. These sessions are led by trained professionals on Fridays. For more information about our other weekly activities and the organisation please check out our Facebook Page – Hub of Wishes, our website hubofwishes.co.uk or telephone 01325 300121 to speak to Vicki Lawrence, The Manager