Who is the Newtonian author going under the pseudonym, Arden Grant?

Gone for almost two decades, Newton News editor, Paul, grabs an interview with a high school friend, and the two chat candidly about the past and Arden’s Hot New Thriller, “The Fuzidon”, Will you die to live again?

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Short Bio

British born author, Arden Grant (pseudonym) moved away from Newton Aycliffe at a young age. Using his entrepreneurial spirit and guided by his resilience. Over two decades he travelled the globe in search of his destiny.

As time went on and career moves were made and revisiting family, friends and his home town became more and more infrequent.

Growing up the author attended Sugar Hill Junior School before moving on to the Avenue Comprehensive. There he found interests in art, music and drama performing in school productions.

This spurred him on to join a dramatic society and he continued to perform in musical productions at Darlington Civic Theatre.

Venturing into unknown parts of the world, he travelled and worked extensively throughout Europe and Asia shaping his pathway in two sectors; Real Estate and the Hospitality Industry. He became successful and lived a rags to riches story, though not without heartbreak, betrayals and sacrifices. Along the way, he rubbed shoulders with many, and among the good there were others with more unsavoury characteristics.

Inspired by life itself, Arden Grant cut ties with his network of circles. Changing direction he began again – storytelling!

Today, as a more private person, Arden Grant lives settled in the Bavarian Alps, close to the city of Salzburg.