Dear Sir,

Labour party member, Vince Crosby, has made a personal attack on one of the Great Aycliffe Town Councillors in last week’s edition.

Firstly, it was noticeable that Vince was deliberately promoting his fellow Labour party member, Cllr. Ian Gray, for his own Ward in the elections, because he always quoted his name and no one else. It was especially noticed on social media, by many astute members of the public, that at no time in the four years prior to the elections did Vince or Cllr. Ian Gray raise the issue of litter picking, except towards the elections – self serving publicity for political ends, nothing more – The public aren’t daft.

You probably won’t know, so, I should politely point out to you Vince, that your Labour Cllr. Ian Gray, was offered the position of Vice Chairman of the Environment Committee by the Independents after the elections, but the Labour group refused it point blank, why?

They also refused to co-operate at all, at the Council AGM.

Miserable sore losers? Spoilt brats? That’s right Vince, blame everyone but yourselves.

Instead, after the elections, they desperately phoned round Independents and Lib Dem Councillors trying to get them to change sides and keep Labour, and only Labour, in power – very dirty politics I might add, which left a bad taste. I notice that Vince only refers to his fellow Labour party member, Cllr. Ian Gray, but not the Chairman of the Environment Committee or all other members of the Environment Committee, nor all Councillors.

Cllr. Ken Robson, myself and Cllr. Martin Ashcroft and a few other volunteers, for years, regularly litter picked West Park, but we never sought publicity for it. Times change, not every Councillor with work, family etc can litter pick all the time. Certainly not at your beck and call Mr Crosby. The new Vice Chairman of the Environment Committee is not required to litter pick just because you demand it.

The Town Council and no doubt County Council have tried their best to supply litter pickers and collect litter and anyone can contact our Works and Environment Manager, Steve Cooper, on 300700 or email – who will do his utmost to supply litter pickers and collect litter.

The people responsible for litter are those who drop it, whilst you are busy venting your spleen Vince, remember, Labour lost control of the County Council and the Town Council. You need to ask yourself why? Learn the lessons and don’t just blame the voters.

Incidentally Vince, Labour got all the positions it wanted on Committees, Sub Committees and Working Groups on the Town Council. That is the new open, transparent way we Independents and Lib Dems work. It’s called ‘democracy’, get used to it, the dictatorships at County and Town are overthrown. Fault finders should live straight and walk straight before they set about instructing others.

Cllr. Arun M. Chandran