Dear Sir,
I feel that I must reply to Honest John’s letter ‘An EU Nightmare’ because far from being ‘Honest’ it is riddled with ridiculous, misleading and untrue claims and in my opinion it simply verges on the paranoid.
In addition, I would have thought that a person who donates so much of his time to help those less fortunate would have a little more compassion. Refugees fleeing from Syria are trying to escape a war where brutal regimes on both sides kill, maim and torture.
Refugee’s however, have nothing to do with the EU Referendum, and to claim otherwise is ludicrous, and a betrayal of the facts.
Under the Dublin Agreement the UK has the right to send refugees back to the first point on entry into the EU – which benefits us greatly because of how geographically distant we are from the usual EU entry points. Because we are members of the EU the UK has sent back 12,000 refugees since 2003 to other EU countries. If we leave, we will have to deal with all refugees who enter the UK.
In addition, be under no illusions that if we leave the EU the French will end UK border controls in Calais. Meaning those migrants and refugees in Calais will find it much easier to make their way to the UK mainland should we leave.
The claims of a not so ‘Honest John’ were deplorable and untrue, and in my opinion scaremongering at it’s finest.
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