Residents and communities are being asked for their views on how playgrounds should be distributed throughout the county in the future.

Durham County Council is currently reviewing its fixed play sites to ensure that they are shared more fairly, and better meet community needs.

Cllr Maria Plews, Cabinet member for leisure, libraries and lifelong learning, said: “We are fully committed to providing a fair level of provision in the county and will be actively engaged in discussion with communities at every stage of this consultation.

“We recognise that playgrounds are an important and valued part of everyday life in our neighbourhoods and we want to gather information on what type of service people would like to receive and how this can best be provided.

“The feedback we receive will play a major part in helping us to plan and develop our fixed play provision for the coming years.”

The first stage of the consultation will run until next January and determine how the council will decide on the categories on which fair distribution of playgrounds will be based.

The following two stages will involve further consultation with communities and following this, the implementation of changes leading towards a fairer distribution of facilities.

To take part in the consultation visit then follow the link to Fixed Play consultation.

Alternatively you can find out more information by phoning: 0191 372 9192 or emailing: