At Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School, the extended school activities outside of school hours are helping to meet the needs of children, their families. Most employment or courses of study do not fall exactly within the core school hours and so to help parents to work, school provides out-of-hours childcare (wraparound care) in the form of both a breakfast and after-school club.

As well as providing children with a tasty, nutritious breakfast or tea-time snack, the clubs offer the perfect opportunity for pupils to socialise and play a range of games with their peers. In addition to this, children who attend after-school club are encouraged to read and complete homework tasks with the qualified school staff who lead the sessions. Karl, a busy working parent, whose son attends the after-school provision explains, “It’s great to know that once I’ve collected my son from school we can enjoy spending quality time together before bedtime knowing that his reading and homework have already been done.” Mum of two, Hannah, adds, “If it weren’t for the wraparound care that school provides, I wouldn’t be able to attend my university course. My boys were new to the school and it has really helped them to settle in and make friends more easily. Knowing they are in good hands leaves me with one less thing to worry about.”

As well as giving working parents access to the childcare they need, the club often proves invaluable to parents who need extra childcare to fit in with medical appointments or those unforeseen circumstances that can crop up at short notice.

Although there is a small charge for pupils attending the wraparound care, any profits made are reinvested into the services so children are continually able to benefit from additional resources and new activities. Parents or even prospective parents are very welcome to contact Mrs Defty on 01325 300324 for further information.