As the academic year draws to a close, so does another successful year of science club at Woodham Academy. This year the science club members have been involved in a huge variety of activities. The students kicked off the year by making their very own “Google Cardboard”. This allowed the students to turn their smartphones into virtual reality headsets.  The club also made microscopes thanks to a kit from the Royal Society of Chemistry. The science club were lucky enough to practice their scientific drawing, with various creepy crawlies, including a spider called twinkle toes.  The students enjoyed learning how to care for these creatures and building on their knowledge of all thing creepy crawly. During the year, Woodham Academy were selected to join in with a global experiment: Rocket Science. The project was in partnership with both the European Space Agency and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).  Two samples of seeds were delivered to school to be planted by the students. One of samples of seeds may have been among a selection that had been to the International Space Station with Astronaut Tim Peake. The Science Club members were charged with planting and observing the seeds over a number of weeks, taking various measurements and submitting them to a chart. The project was designed to investigate whether visiting outer space can affect the development of the seeds compared to seeds that have not left earth. The results have been compiled by the RHS and the European Space Agency and a report will be released in September. The Science Club have also had a number of opportunities to get involved in other experiments such as creating rockets and volcanoes. Overall it has been a fascinating year for our students who enjoy science and we look forward to next year.