Dear Editor,
It seems crazy the Council have to try and find a new location to put the market when there is a large newly refurbished town centre standing empty.
Why couldn’t the town centre owners tell all the traders they were not going to be allowed back on the town centre sooner, at least they could have started looking around for another market to replace the one they were losing at Newton Aycliffe.
The town centre is so empty, there is nothing special going on to make people want to visit it. The shops are doing their best but there are so many empty ones it looks awful. The market brought more people in, people that would also buy in the shops. It is no good waiting until all the work is finished in the town centre refurbishment as it will be too late then.
There is so much this town centre could be used for, market, car boot sales, continental markets and entertainment. These would bring people into the town.The town centre owners must remember “An Empty Space is a Waste of Space.
Helen Cox