Dear Sir,

I was shocked to read the letter in last weeks Newton News from Labour councillor Cllr Eddy Adam.

Cllr Adam states there isn’t electoral inequality in Newton Aycliffe. This is simply untrue.

This refers to the number of electors (residents) needed to elect each town councillor. National guidelines are clear that the difference between one ward and another should wherever possible not exceed 10%.

This is to make sure we have democratically elected councils.

For example If Ward A has 1000 electors and two councillors that’s 500 electors per councillor. If Ward B has 1500 electors and 3 councillors that’s 500 as well per councillor and that’s electoral equality.

It will never be spot on the same, but should be reasonably similar.

So here are the figures the County Council have confirmed. Of course the electoral roll changes daily so there might be a few slight changes since last week but only by one or two in each area.

Aycliffe Central – 512

Aycliffe Village – 790

Neville – 775

Shafto St. Mary – 627

Simpasture – 645

West – 688

Woodham – 819

Byerley Park/Horndale/Cobblers Hall – 541

So the number of electors per councillor in Aycliffe Central ward is 512 whilst in Woodham it is 819.

Not my figures, the real figures. So there’s massive electoral inequality.

Cllr Eddy Adam talks about the Santa Tours being provided by Labour, yet it was the very same Labour Councillors that were trying to stop this towns long tradition, citing Health and Safety as an excuse not to run them, this debacle of a decision even reached National TV, and it then took the general public to find the solution, and turn this shameful decision around.

Name and address supplied