Alderman George Gray

I moved to Newton Aycliffe from Brandon in 1965 with my wife Maud. We have two daughters and a son. I have lived in Aycliffe West Ward for 52 years and served as a councillor for 27 of those years. In 1991-1992 was Mayor of Great Aycliffe Town Council, and in 2003-2004 Mayor of Sedgefield Borough Council. I am asking for you to please VOTE for me as an experienced Councillor and if given the opportunity to serve I will continue to endeavour to help all residents of the West Ward as I have done for the last 27 years.

I have a proven track record and have shown what can be achieved as a dedicated Councillor. With confidence I offer myself to the Electors of Aycliffe West Ward. I have served on many Committees as a Councillor, being heavily involved in Education and lifelong learning. I am hugely active in voluntary and charitable work. I thank you for your votes in the past and hope that I can count on your continued support in the coming election. I have always worked with passion and dedication giving 100% commitment to my role at all times, honestly and reliably representing the best interests of the Ward at all times.

I am a volunteer for St John’s Ambulance and attend other area divisions as President. I have served for many years as a custody visitor to detainees in Police Stations through the Home Office. I attend Resident Association meetings including Silverdale West Area and Acorn Residents Association. I attended for 23 years Linden Residents’ Association which disbanded last year a attending their monthly meetings. As an Alderman I attend the Durham County Council meetings at my own expense, also the local Police PACT meetings whenever they occur. I have 100% attendance as a West Ward Member of Aycliffe Town Council and my pledges are as follows:

1. A SAFER WARD – with increased police presence to combat anti social behaviour and crime.

2. IMPROVEMENT to local roads and off street parking.

3. A STRONG experienced and politically independent voice within the County Council.

4. IMPROVING and protecting existing services within the ward for young people and the elderly.

5. A COMMITMENT to developing the local environment and the parks for the well being of all West Ward Residents.