The children and families of Newton Aycliffe certainly took on a challenge when they signed up for the  FIRST KDANZ sleepover.  This was an event that only the toughest most committed dancers could complete.

On the 14th and 15th August, the dancers had a 24hour period in which to create routines for a full hour-long show for an audience full of their family and friends. The boys, girls men and women who were involved, worked their socks off to produce 12 fantastic dance routines that would take other dance schools weeks and months to perfect. All dances for the show had a sleepover theme with song titles such as ‘wide awake’ and ‘dream’.  There all styles of dance included as well as fantastic lifts and stunts by the elite crew.  All of the dancers were also set a personal challenge linked to the events name – dreams become reality….

For a dream to become reality, whether its in dancing or not, it takes hard work dedication and aspiration to achieve, qualities we all hope our children grow up to recognise and use. Kay and the KDANZ team arent there to JUST teach dancing but they want to help shape positive thinking in the younger community so they talked to the children to help them each set a personal goal to achieve within the next year.   Everyone who took part in the dancing completed a slip and many have said its given them motivation to achieve their dream. These were written down by each participant and some were read out to the audience during the show. The dreams were then placed in a special box and tied with a ribbon and sealed until next year.

The KDANZ school which offers dance classes at the youth centre opposite tesco have decided to put another of these sleepovers on due to the success of this one. The dates for this were 29th – 30th August 2012. Anyone interested who would like more information or to book a place should ring Kay on 07900 365 892.

KDANZ principal, Kay Thompson’s dream to put on this event came true with the help of the Newton Aycliffe youth centre, providing the venue to hold this great challenge.

Thank you to Joan Clark and the team for their support. Our registration night is Thursday 13th September 6pm – 7.30pm. For our new term timetable check out KDANZ on facebook.